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Every company and home needs a beautiful driveway for cars. In emergencies where cars need to be quickly removed from a place, driveways are very useful. If you are looking for a new drive or extending an existing drive to accommodate additional vehicles, we can offer a solution that meets your needs and budget. Tom Trees and Landscapes should be your number one driveway constructing company in the UK because of the quality service we provide.

Block paving and resin driveways paving are two of the most popular driveway services we provide. We make use of different driveway materials when constructing. Depending on the need of the customers, we can use gravel which is quick and cheap to install, or tarmac that is durable and the most pliable.

All other options are always available to customers, and we tell them about the advantages and disadvantages. The material selected for the driveway is an essential factor in the determination of the overall cost of the project to be handled. Furthermore, we have different styles that you can select from.

toms tree and landscape driveways experts in essex

The next thing we do is to analyse the space and layout of the driveways. We are efficient in the use of the materials and do not allow any form of waste in the process. The driveways we construct are done neatly and made to be very durable. We also check the topography of the soil that the driveway is to be built on and ensure that the land is level even after the driveway is constructed.

We have trained and professional experts that will construct the driveway in companies and homes quickly. Since our experts are proficient in rendering these services, we also offer emergency driveway construction and maintenance in and around the UK.

Your home will look great with a new drive or pathway. We can construct a new driveway in the toughest of conditions. Our services run all day long, and you can always give us a call.

Block Paving

One solution to driveway problems users may have is block paving. This type of paving is cost-effective and requires low maintenance...

Resin Driveways

Another way to cater to an old or bad-looking driveway is by using resins-stone mixtures. Resin-bound paving makes use of stones and resins...

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