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Toms Tree and Landscapes supplies and fits artificial grass for customers that stay in and around London. We offer only the best artificial grass that is ever-green and very easy to maintain. You will never have to deal with weeds or use pesticides and fertilizers. Our artificial grass is safe for children and pets.

Our team of installers will help you fit your lawn when you get it. However, we will measure your garden first, so you don't buy too little or too much grass. Next, we use spades and other agricultural tools to bore two-inch deep holes to remove your old grass and roots. Then, we lay type 1 foundation and 75mm of sand to bind your sub-base top, although we could increase this depth in the first patch. We then put a geotextile membrane on the sand to prevent weeds from sprouting.

The next thing we do is to lay the artificial grass on the ground. This step needs to be done meticulously, so you don't cut too much grass off. The grass should be left for about a whole day to dry. Lastly, we would trim the grass, join its pieces together and lay sand on it to complete the fitting process.

To keep your artificial grass in good condition all the time, it needs to be cared for and maintained. The most important thing we recommend you do when caring for your grass is to remove debris, dirt and soil from it. You should also brush it with a bristle broom, loosen the sand laid, and avoid placing heavy objects on it.

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